My husband, Brian, started this company, turning beautiful pepper mills, wine stoppers, ornaments, bowls, and other items on a lathe. He has been perfecting his wood turning craft over a decade, but only recently started selling items. These days if I'm not sure where he is, I can bet he's turning a beautiful piece of wood. He loves bringing newly completed pieces for me to see. Brian is a proud Navy Veteran and served in the Gulf War in the mid-90's. He also visited Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. 

My name is Rebecca. Over the years I've played around with hands-on hobbies like egg carving (true!) and paper cutting. I thought about what I could do to join Brian in his woodworking, and spoon carving came to mind. When I looked into it I found a rich community of inspirational spoon carvers online. Since then, I have been slowly and steadily gathering all the tools of the trade, practicing, and finding my style. I strive to improve with every spoon.

In 2017 we made a big life change when we moved from Indiana to Utah. It's been a crazy and fun year! We plan to take our work to various markets and festivals around Utah this summer. We hope to see you at one!

Please contact us about custom order requests and wholesale opportunities! 

Brian (801) 834-7111
Rebecca (801) 834-7058